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Experience the intrigue of Enshrouded with our 99.9% server uptime guarantee, fortified by robust security measures to safeguard your progress and discoveries. Our user-friendly control panel makes server management a breeze, enabling you to customize your Enshrouded journey exactly as you imagine it. Whether you’re unraveling ancient mysteries, exploring unknown territories, or outsmarting adversaries, Supercraft offers the stable, high-performance hosting solution you need to fully engage with Enshrouded’s rich, interactive world brimming with puzzles, secrets, and adventures.

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Enshrouded Server Hosting Rental


At this point US-East, US-West and Europe and Australia.

RAM and storage is not cappped. Server processes get priority according to a plan.

Yes, sure. You can do it either via a File Manager component of the Admin Panel or via FTP.

Yes, by setting a server password, you can protect your Enshrouded server. If a server password is set, players will need to use the password to join and play.

At Supercraft, Enshrouded server plans can support up to 30 players.

On your Enshrouded server, you’re able to change the server name, welcome message, public/private, password, crossplay, user config, gameplay and more on your custom Enshrouded server webinterface.

No, mods are not supported.

Yes, you can make your Enshrouded server private by adding a server password in your server options. Once set, only players with that password will be able to join your server.

You always can do it, but it is complicated and tedious. With Supercraft you get a server instantly. However, if you want to try that route, we have a tutorial for you:

Installing a Dedicated Server for Enshrouded on Linux

This guide will walk you through the steps to set up a Enshrouded game dedicated server on a Linux system.

How to Set Up an Enshrouded Dedicated Server

This guide outlines the steps to configure a dedicated server for Enshrouded, ensuring a smooth and stable multiplayer experience.


  • A computer or server with a stable internet connection.
  • Enough hardware resources (CPU, RAM, storage) to meet the game’s server requirements.
  • The latest version of Enshrouded server files.

Installation Steps

  1. Download Server Files: Obtain the latest version of the Enshrouded dedicated server files from the official source or game distribution platform.
  2. Extract Server Files: Unzip the downloaded files into a dedicated folder on your server.
  3. Configure Server Settings: Locate the main server configuration file (usually named serverconfig.ini or similar) and open it with a text editor to adjust settings like server name, password, port, and game rules.
  4. Launch the Server: Execute the server launch script (could be a .bat file for Windows or a .sh file for Linux). This might be named or runserver.bat, depending on the operating system.

Connecting to Your Server

Players can connect to your Enshrouded server by selecting the multiplayer option in the game and entering the server’s IP address and port, as configured in your server settings.

Additional Tips

  • Ensure your server’s firewall and any network hardware (like routers) are configured to allow traffic on the game server’s port.
  • Regularly update your server software to the latest version to ensure compatibility and security.


If players cannot connect to your server, check the server’s firewall settings, verify the server is running, and ensure the server port is correctly forwarded in your router settings.