Life’s too short to set up game servers yourself

We host game servers… so you don’t have to!

We are a game server hosting provider. We help gamers have fun playing their favorite game. Our mission is to provide game server hosting as a service with great value at affordable prices. We are a game server hosting provider for gamers. We offer hosting and rental for games like 7 Days To Die, Palworld, Enshrouded, Satisfactory, Project Zomboid and Valheim. We provide custom admin panels so that the user experience is simple and intuitive.

Games should be just fun and not wrestling with servers. Leave that for our hosting automation. We are obsessed with self-service and want this to go beyond any limits. We believe we have achieved a top-class user experience for inexperienced users. We host on dedicated servers with Linux and strong hardware specs. Our locations are Canada, USA, Germany, France, and Australia. We are always here for you to help.

In 2021 we had an idea to simplify game server hosting

We started as a dedicated hosting for 7 Days To Die. In less then two years we have thousands of subscriptions, a vibrant Discord community and we hit #1 positions in search engines.

7 Days To Die Server Hosting Rental

2021 is launched


1000 hosted servers


10k hosted servers


Launch of – a multi-game hosting platform

“Fair price, fast startup, solid provider.”
(7D2D Hosting Customer)

We make self-hosting a foolish idea.
For a few bucks, you can play.
Do the right thing. Join us.

What our users are saying

Solid hosting and responsive support. I use the server for streaming vanilla gameplay with multiple users (from around the world) using Twitch integration. Canadian server Map size 8k max 16 players Any questions or concerns I have are usually hashed out within an hour through their discord. Price is fair, latency is low

Got this for hosting 7dtd modded (Darkness Falls). It is very fast - melee works very well, unlike other providers I tried before, and we had no problem so far.

Never had my own server set up but this was easier than I imagined, the customer support is quick and friendly. At a competitive price can't ask for more!