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Choose Supercraft for an unparalleled multiplayer experience in ARK: Survival Evolved. Delight in swift, dependable servers with 99.9% uptime, reinforced security, and an intuitive control panel. Ideal for tribes braving the prehistoric and fantastical world of ARK. Amplify your dinosaur-taming and survival adventures with Supercraft. Embark on your ARK journey now!

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Available regions: us-east, us-west
Valheim server rental

Plan S

$999 $599
/ per month

Up to 5 Players
CPU Priority
Steam & consoles
Maps seeds
Game import/export

The gameplay on the server is optimized to run smoothly on a non-modded server. For those who are looking for a solid, stable basic hosting for a small team.

Valheim cheapest servers

Plan M

$1299 $799
/ per month

Up to 10 Players
CPU Priority
Steam & consoles
Maps seeds
Game import/export

At a great price, you receive a fast and stable server. Configuration is ready for moderate server modding. For most players, this is the best option.

Valheim dedicated servers

Plan L

$2499 $1299
/ per month

Up to 30 Players
CPU Priority
Steam & consoles
Maps seeds
Game upload/download

The ideal option for larger teams and experienced modders. With this plan you can go beyond standard players limit and run heavy mods.


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What our users are saying

Went through a few options with servers for 7 Days to Die, finally found one who was quick to help me. Well worth the price! I have already upgraded my server plan because I have more friends joining me than I thought would. Really appreciate everyone behind here making magic happen! (:

Great hosting service! Easy to use and setup 7 days to die server. I initially had a few issues, but the support team was extremely quick to help and solve the problems. Highly recommended!

Hey everyone. Just an update on my server experience thus far. At first I was having some minor issues and thought. Yup, low cost low performance and was getting negative. Within 24 hours, the server was up and running on Darkness Falls Large Map. Which if you do not know is a 12k map. So of course, in the beginning it was smooth. I thought for sure, as we built more structures and mining and the like , that the performance would degrade to the point of unplayable. To my delight. We have gotten to the final quests of DF and the Lab. We have full Laser tech and huge underground and above ground bases. The server has some normal, slowness at certain times. Such as when you are in a confined space with 60 Zombies throwing fire at you and all of the spitters making life miserable. It is more than playable. So to end this. For the price, this has been a fantastic experience and I did not have to pay the stupid over the top prices other hosts charge for the RAM and such. Very pleased thus far. Now going to give Sorcery a go here.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Embark on an epic survival adventure in the prehistoric and mythical world of ARK: Survival Evolved with Supercraft as your dedicated server host. At Supercraft, we understand the necessity of a stable and responsive gaming environment in the diverse and unpredictable ecosystem of ARK. We offer more than just server space; we offer a partnership in your ARK journey. Our advanced hosting infrastructure ensures exceptional performance, delivering smooth and uninterrupted gameplay so you can focus on taming dinosaurs, building shelters, and surviving against the elements and wildlife without any lag or interruptions.

Experience the thrill of ARK: Survival Evolved with our 99.9% uptime guarantee, backed by strong security measures to protect your island bases and prehistoric creatures. Our easy-to-use control panel simplifies server management, allowing you to tailor your ARK experience to your unique survival style. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or leading a tribe of players, Supercraft provides the reliable and hassle-free hosting solution you need to fully immerse yourself in the rich, dynamic world of ARK: Survival Evolved and its boundless opportunities for adventure and discovery.

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Why to choose Supercraft as your next dedicated server hosting provider?

DDoS protection

Best attack protection with 17Tbit/s filtering capacity

Full control

We give full access to all options, browse logs and use admin console.

Best hardware

Our services runs on Intel Xeon Silver and Gold with at least 128 GB RAM.

Lightnig-fast network

Game experience free of lags ang glitches.

Configuration for experts

Aadvanced administration options allows you to fine-tune your game experience. FTP and RCON.

Safe Payments

We use only thrusted payment gateways: PayPal and Stripe, we never process credit card information directly.

Mods & Maps easier then ever

With our custom dedicated panel mods and maps installation is a single click.

24/7 Support

Send us an email, use online form or reach to us directly on Discord to reach us out.

Available Regions

Europe: Paris • North America: Montreal, Toronto, Portland, VintHill • Australia: Sydney • Asia: Singapore

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