How to setup ARK Survival Evolved Server

Adding mods

  1. 1. Run the ARK server for the first time to generate config files
  2. 2. Connect via FTP
  3. 3. Go to: ark/bin/ShooterGame/Config

Find GameUserSettings.ini and edit this file.
In the file content find [ServerSettings] section.
At the end of the section append line:
731604991 is a mod id – you need to take the id from the Steam and put there. If you like to add more mods, separate them with coma:


Adding a custom ARK server is a bit tricky.
1) Open Steam; go to “View” (top menu), Servers.

ARK Dedicated Server Setup How to Explained

2) Go to Favorites tab; click “add a server”; put:
3) Save and refresh – you should see ARK #xxxxxx (v345.22) on the list
4) Close servers window, run Ark
5) Select “Favorites” from the combo box with server types

Your dedicated ARK Survival evolved server should be there.