Satisfactory – All about the game


Satisfactory is an open-world, first-person factory-building game developed by Coffee Stain Studios. As a portion of the name implies, this title places you in the boots of a factory builder and manager so it stands to reason that the game is about one important thing: automation.

If you enjoy setting up a network of machines that do all the work in a harmonious dance of metal and kinetic energy, then Satisfactory is definitely a game to check out. Below, we dive into all of the specifics of the game and what it’s all about.

What is Satisfactory?

Satisfactory Game

Satisfactory is a resource-gathering, factory-building, and exploration game released in early access in 2019. Set on a vast alien planet, you are tasked with constructing and automating intricate factories, harvesting resources, and researching new technologies to progress through the game. Its unique combination of open-world exploration, sandbox-style creativity, and problem-solving strategy has captivated you around the globe.

Satisfactory’s Gameplay

Satisfactory’s gameplay offers a diverse and engaging gameplay loop that can be incredibly addicting once you get into the nuts and bolts of it (pun intended). Below, we break down the core elements that make up the game’s experience.

Resource Gathering

In Satisfactory, resources are the lifeblood of your factory. you will need to gather a variety of materials such as ores, plants, and liquids to craft items and build their production lines. Resources are scattered throughout the game world, with some being more abundant than others. As the game progresses, more advanced resources become necessary, requiring you to explore and expand your reach further.

Factory Building

At the heart of the game is factory building, where you construct intricate, automated production lines to convert raw resources into finished products. This involves placing buildings, such as miners, smelters, constructors, and assemblers, and connecting them with conveyor belts to transport resources between them. Efficient factory design is crucial, as you must balance space, throughput, and power requirements to create a smoothly running production line.

Technology Research

The technology research system in Satisfactory allows you to unlock new buildings, vehicles, tools, and crafting recipes. By completing research milestones using resources and items collected during gameplay, you can progress through a tiered system, each tier opening up new possibilities for automation, transportation, and defense. This progression system provides a clear sense of advancement and encourages you to continue optimizing their factories.

Power Management

To keep a factory running, you must produce and distribute electricity. Power is generated using various methods, such as burning coal or harnessing renewable energy from wind turbines or solar panels. Power management becomes more complex as the factory grows, requiring you to balance power generation with consumption, set up power grids, and monitor their systems to prevent blackouts and brownouts.

Exploration and Combat

Exploration is a crucial aspect of Satisfactory’s gameplay. The alien planet is filled with diverse biomes, unique creatures, and valuable resources. you will need to scout the landscape, search for resource nodes, and uncover hidden artifacts that can aid in their research. In addition, hostile creatures inhabit the world, necessitating the construction of defenses and weapons to protect the factory and the player.


As you expand their factories and explore more of the world, transportation becomes increasingly important. Satisfactory offers a range of transportation options, including trucks, trains, and conveyor belts, which can be used to move resources across long distances. you can also unlock personal transportation options such as jetpacks and exploration rovers to navigate the world more easily.

Satisfactory’s Story

Although the primary focus of Satisfactory is on building and automation, the game does provide a narrative context that adds depth and immersion to the experience. The story unfolds in subtle and non-linear ways, making exploration and discovery an essential part of uncovering the narrative.

Environmental Storytelling

One of the key ways Satisfactory tells its story is through environmental storytelling. As you explore the planet, you will come across various points of interest, such as wrecked spaceships, abandoned outposts, and strange artifacts. These discoveries provide clues about the history of the planet, the fate of previous explorers, and the mysterious forces at work in the world. you are encouraged to piece together the story through these environmental hints, creating a sense of mystery and intrigue.

Audio Logs & Data Entries

Throughout their journey, you will also find audio logs and data entries left behind by other characters. These records offer insights into the experiences and thoughts of those who have come before, helping to flesh out the game’s world and lore. Listening to these logs and reading the data entries can provide valuable information about the planet’s ecology, potential dangers, and hidden secrets.

Missions & Corporate Communications

As an employee of FICSIT Inc., you will receive missions and communications from the corporation throughout the game. These assignments not only help to guide you in their factory-building tasks but also reveal more about the company’s intentions and the overall goals of the project on the alien planet. By completing missions and paying attention to corporate messages, you can uncover the corporation’s motivations and the potential consequences of its actions on the planet.

Dynamic Events

Occasionally, dynamic events will occur in the game world, such as meteor showers or alien creature migrations. These events can have an impact on the story, prompting new missions, revealing additional information about the planet, or presenting challenges that the player must overcome. These events help to create a living, breathing world that is affected by the player’s actions and the broader narrative.

Satisfactory Game


The mechanics in Satisfactory provide depth and complexity to the gameplay, ensuring a captivating and challenging experience. Let’s dive deeper into each of the unique mechanics that contribute to the game’s richness:

Tiered Research System

Satisfactory’s tiered research system allows you to unlock new technologies, buildings, and crafting recipes as they progress. you are required to submit resources and crafted items to fulfill milestones set by FICSIT Inc., which in turn unlock new tiers. Each tier offers additional tools and capabilities, encouraging you to continually optimize their factories, expand their production lines, and explore new parts of the world.

Modular Factory-Building System

The modular factory-building system in Satisfactory allows for an incredible degree of customization and creativity. you can construct a wide range of buildings, from miners and smelters to constructors and assemblers. These structures can be connected with conveyor belts, splitters, mergers, and lifts, allowing you to create intricate production lines that efficiently process resources. The game also includes a variety of building foundations, walls, and walkways, enabling you to design their factories with both form and function in mind.

Power Management System

In Satisfactory, a well-designed power management system is essential to keep factories running smoothly. you must generate electricity using various methods, such as burning biofuel, and coal, or utilizing renewable energy sources like wind turbines and solar panels. As the factory grows, you must ensure they have adequate power generation capacity and manage the distribution of electricity through power poles and cables. Managing power consumption, preventing overloads, and expanding power infrastructure are vital aspects of the game’s mechanics.

Vehicle System

The game’s vehicle system allows you to traverse the vast alien landscape more efficiently and transport resources over long distances. Vehicles range from ground-based rovers and trucks to trains, which can be customized with tracks and stations to create complex transportation networks. Additionally, you can unlock personal transportation tools, such as the jetpack, to navigate the environment more easily and overcome obstacles.

Environmental Hazards & Hostile Creatures

The alien planet in Satisfactory is filled with environmental hazards and hostile creatures that can disrupt factory operations and pose a threat to the player. Hazards such as poisonous gas, extreme heat, or radiation require you to adapt their strategies and develop protective gear. Hostile creatures, on the other hand, necessitate the construction of defenses and the development of weapons to protect factories and ensure the player’s safety. This added layer of challenge encourages you to think tactically and plan for contingencies.

Satisfactory’s Version History

Since its debut in early access in 2019, Satisfactory has gone through numerous updates and improvements. Coffee Stain Studios has been dedicated to expanding the game’s content, features, and optimizations, while also addressing bugs and balancing issues. Although the game remains in early access as of 2023, it has seen significant growth and development over the years. Let’s take a look at some notable updates in the game’s version history:

Early Access Launch (2019)

Satisfactory’s early access launch introduced the core gameplay mechanics, such as resource gathering, factory building, and research tiers. This initial version offered a solid foundation for the game, with room for growth and refinement.

Update 2 (2019)

The second major update introduced new vehicles, such as the Explorer and Tractor, as well as a revamped research system. The developers also added new buildings, equipment, and quality-of-life improvements to streamline the gameplay experience.

Update 3 (2020)

In Update 3, Coffee Stain Studios introduced a significant addition to the game’s mechanics: the Pipes and Fluid system. This update allowed you to transport and process fluids like water and oil, opening up new possibilities for resource management and production. The update also included the addition of trains and nuclear power, providing you with new methods of transportation and power generation.

Update 4 (2021)

Update 4 brought an array of new features and improvements, such as the introduction of Drones for aerial transportation, new research tiers, and additional equipment. The update also addressed many balancing issues and bugs reported by the community.

Update 5 (2021)

The fifth major update saw the introduction of new biomes and environmental hazards, further expanding the alien world’s diversity and challenging you to adapt their strategies. This update also added new research milestones, buildings, and quality-of-life improvements.

Satisfactory Game

Similar Games

If you’re interested in playing Satisfactory, you’ve likely played some of the other automation-focused building and survival games out there. Here are some titles that share key aspects with Satisfactory, providing engaging gameplay for fans of building, automation, and exploration.


Factorio is a 2D top-down factory-building and automation game that shares many similarities with Satisfactory. In Factorio, you are tasked with building and maintaining a complex factory on an alien planet, with the ultimate goal of constructing a rocket to escape. Like Satisfactory, Factorio emphasizes resource gathering, production line automation, and technology research, all while defending against hostile alien creatures. Although Factorio is presented in a 2D format, the level of depth and complexity in its factory-building mechanics makes it an excellent alternative for fans of Satisfactory.

Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program is another factory-building and automation game, with a focus on constructing a galaxy-wide network of resource production and transportation. you take on the role of an AI, tasked with harnessing the power of stars through the construction of Dyson Spheres. The game shares Satisfactory’s core mechanics of resource gathering, production line automation, and technology research but expands the scope to an interstellar level. The emphasis on renewable energy and galaxy-spanning production networks provides a unique twist for those interested in Satisfactory’s gameplay.

Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included is a colony management and survival game that tasks you with building and maintaining a thriving underground colony on an alien planet. While the game’s primary focus is on managing the needs of the colony’s inhabitants, it also features complex resource management and production systems. you must balance resource gathering, waste management, power generation, and research, all while ensuring the survival of their colonists. Oxygen Not Included offers a different perspective on the factory-building and automation genre, focusing more on the human element.


Astroneer is a sandbox adventure game set in a vibrant, procedurally generated universe. you explore, gather resources, and build custom bases on various planets, while also researching new technologies to expand their capabilities. Although Astroneer doesn’t focus as heavily on factory automation as Satisfactory, it shares a strong emphasis on exploration, resource gathering, and technology research. The game’s colorful art style and accessible gameplay make it a great choice for those who enjoy the exploration aspects of Satisfactory.