Why Enshrouded Struggles With Server Load Despite Available Resources?

Have you ever played Enshrouded and found it laggy or almost impossible to play, even when it seems like your server has lots of power left to use? Got errors like “Server Overloaded. You are likely to experience issues.” or “High Server Load. There might be some hiccups.”? You’re not alone. This is a common problem, and it’s a bit of a mystery.

What’s Going On?

Even though it looks like there are enough resources, like CPU and RAM, the game doesn’t run smoothly. It might be because there’s something wrong with the game itself or how it was made. This means the game might not be using the server’s power correctly. People often think the server is very busy, but actually, it’s not.

Why Does This Happen?

There could be a few reasons. First, the game might have bugs or not be designed well, which stops it from using all the server resources available. Also, the way we check how busy the server is could be giving us the wrong idea. This makes it hard to know how much power the server is really using.

Can It Be Fixed?

Some people tried moving the game to a different type of container, like Proton, and it helped. This suggests that the problem might also involve the software used to run the game on Linux servers. Changing settings or updating the game might improve how it uses the server’s power.

Enshrouded Overloaded Server

In the end, understanding and fixing this issue will help make sure the game can run well, even when lots of people are playing. It’s about getting the game to use all the power the server has to offer.