Enshrouded Multiplayer Howto

Dive into the mystical world of Enshrouded, a game where survival meets cooperative adventure. This comprehensive guide peels back the layers of its multiplayer realm, offering you insights on how to navigate through shared explorations and challenges. Whether you’re venturing alone or teaming up with friends, Enshrouded provides a dynamic experience that caters to various playstyles.

Enshrouded Multiplayer

What Multiplayer Options Does Enshrouded Have?

At the core of Enshrouded’s multiplayer experience is the flexibility to play on both hosted and dedicated servers. You can create a public game saved locally on your machine, allowing friends to join your world for shared adventures. For a more persistent and accessible experience, dedicated servers can be rented, ensuring that your multiplayer world is always available, even when the original host isn’t online. One of Enshrouded’s standout features is the seamless character progression between servers. Whether you’re hopping into a friend’s game or returning to your own, your character retains their equipment, inventory, levels, and skills, making every foray into the unknown a continuation of your ongoing saga.

How Are Single-Player and Multiplayer in Enshrouded Different?

In Enshrouded, your journey can be tailored to suit your preference for solo exploration or engaging in cooperative multiplayer adventures.

Single Player Experience

  • You have the freedom to explore the world at your own pace, making progress, building, and surviving on your own. This mode is perfect if you enjoy solitary adventures or want to get a solid grasp of the game’s mechanics before joining others​. Despite the challenges presented by the game, solo play is balanced and entirely feasible, allowing you to enjoy the adventure without the necessity for co-op engagement.

Multiplayer Experience

  • The game truly comes alive in cooperative play, supporting up to 16 players. Here, teamwork is key; you’ll combine skills and resources to overcome challenges, making the gameplay more dynamic and socially enriching​.
  • A party system facilitates efficient teamwork, especially in combat and resource management, enabling you and your friends to craft larger bases and achieve goals more efficiently than you might alone.
  • With the option to join hosted games or invest in dedicated servers, the multiplayer experience is both stable and flexible, allowing for uninterrupted play with friends whenever you choose.

Starting or Joining a Multiplayer Game

Starting or joining a multiplayer session in Enshrouded involves a few straightforward steps, whether you’re looking to host your own game or join one that’s already in progress.

Starting a Multiplayer Game:

  • Launch the Game: Begin by starting Enshrouded from your gaming platform.
  • Access the Play Menu: Once in the main menu, select the ‘Play’ option.
  • Choose to Host: To create your own game, select the ‘Host’ option. This allows you to set up a new game or use an existing world.
  • Configure Your Game: You can now name your server, decide whether it’s going to be public or password-protected, and set a player limit up to 16 players. If it’s a public server, anyone can join, but if you set a password, only those you share it with can enter​.

Joining a Multiplayer Game:

  • Open the Play Menu: Start Enshrouded and go to the ‘Play’ menu.
  • Select Join: Look for the ‘Join’ option to find available servers.
  • Find a Server: You can browse through the list of servers or use the search function to find a specific one by name. If you’re looking to join a friend’s game, you can filter the list to only show games hosted by friends.

Additional Tips:

  • Remember that characters can freely swap between servers in Enshrouded, so you won’t lose progress by playing on different servers​​.
  • If the host of a game goes offline, the game pauses until they return, unless it’s a dedicated server that allows the game to continue without the host being present​​.

How to Set up a Dedicated Server for Enshrouded

Setting up a dedicated server for Enshrouded allows you and your friends to enjoy the game continuously, without needing the host to be constantly online. Here’s a straightforward guide on how to set up and join a dedicated server in Enshrouded:

Enshrouded Server

Setting Up a Dedicated Server:

  • Rent a Server: You can rent a dedicated server for Enshrouded through services like GPortal. This will provide a stable environment for your multiplayer sessions that’s always available, regardless of whether the host is online​​.
  • Configure Your Server: Once you have your server, access its settings to configure the basic parameters. This includes giving your server a name and a password for security, setting a limit on the maximum number of players, and ensuring the server is set to ‘Running’. These settings will help you manage who can join your game and keep your server secure​​.
  • Port Forwarding: For others to access your server, you may need to set up port forwarding on your router. This involves opening the TCP and UDP ports that Enshrouded uses (default is 15636 for game traffic). Each router has a different method for setting this up, so consult your router’s manual for specifics​​.

Joining a Dedicated Server:

  • Select Your Character: From the Enshrouded main menu, pick the character you wish to play with.
  • Joining a Server: Navigate to the ‘Play’ menu, select ‘Join’, and then search for the server by its name. If the server is password-protected, you’ll need the password provided by the server host to join​​.
  • Finding Your Server: If you’re joining a friend’s server, you might find it easier to tick the option to only show servers hosted by friends, simplifying the search process.

Does Enshrouded Have PvP or Competitive Modes?

As of now, Enshrouded does not feature PvP or competitive modes. The game is primarily designed around a cooperative multiplayer experience, emphasizing collaboration over competition. While you and your friends can join forces to explore, build, and survive together, engaging in battles against the environment and its many challenges, there isn’t an option to directly compete against each other within the game.

However, the developers have left the door open for future updates, suggesting that while PvP is not currently planned, there may be room for “some modes in the future just to have some fun on the side”​.